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About Us

Founded by CEVAT KORKMAZ in 1945 in a small workshop in Nazilli an Aegean province of Turkey, the company started its activities for the production and repair of pumps for agricultural irrigation purposes.

In 1966, with the participation of his son EROL KORKMAZ, an Electrical Engineer, the company started to grow with new pump models in a factory area of 200 m2.

The company gained further momentum with the other son FEVZİ KORKMAZ, a mechanical engineer joining in 1978. KORKMAZ POMPA accelerated its product range and moved to its new factory of 600m2. In 1986, recognising the expansion of its product range and commercial activities, the company re-orgniased itself as a joint stock company under the name of KORPO POMPA SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş.

Starting with early 2000s the company further expanded its manufacturing with the production of special type pumps (2000), special fish pumps for fish-growing-breeding farms, ventilation and circulation pumps and oxygenation tanks (2002). In 2005, it started to manufacture sludge pumps and special pumps. In 2008, the production of submersible waste water pumps started. Live fish transfer pumps have increased the variety of products with aerators, sand-gravel pumps, animal dirt pumps.Keeping the customer satisfaction in the forefront of its approach, KORPO POMPA after-sales services, continues without interruption taking our long term clients with us in our journey of innovation and good service...